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we would like everyone to know that the litter  that we where  expecting  around the 1st of March, 2009  did not come .Our female decided to have a false pregnancy.     Please contact us if you Would Be  interested in being notified of  when our next litter will be  . 

[email protected]

click here to see the August 28th, 2008   puppy pictures 



Sammy a neutered male from one of our earlier litters needs a new happy home to run and play  The owners now are unable to continue to keep him and are searching for a home that he will be cared for and loved in. If you would be interested in Sammy who is little over a year old please contact us and we will put you in touch with his owners 




Outlaw Kennel is small kennel with only a couple of litters a year. We are located near Hastings, Nebraska. We have had Jack Russell Terriers in our lives since  1996 now, and have enjoyed every part of their unique personality, their keen hunting instincts, and their abundant energy. They are as much of part of our lives as our children are. Please, sit back and enjoy what we have tried to capture, a Life with a Jack Russell Terrier !

Our Mission

 Here at Outlaw Kennel, we dedicate ourselves to the unique, versatile working Jack Russell Terrier. We believe in preserving the Jack Russell Terrier's feisty personality and correct conformation.  Hand raising our puppies to be the utmost excellent companions. Striving for the very best of temperaments and devoted loyalty. We stand behind our Jack Russell Terriers with a health guarantee.

                                                                         Outlaw Kennel  

A Little  About Us         

 Howdy, my name is Kelly, and this is my husband is Erle. We have three children, Megan, Marah, and Chase. We hope that you enjoy our web site, and please feel free to write us with any questions that you may have concerning the Jack Russell Terrier.


 JRTCA members since - 1997 



We would like to take this moment to thank all of the owners of Outlaw Kennel Jack Russell Terriers, for help making us what we are today!     Thank-you!!    

 Right now we have four Jack Russell Terriers. We have just added a new Outlaw to the gang with which we hope to improve our dogs with. She is from Canada and out of Conquest Scorch. See her on our Bad Girls Page.

Contact Information

Outlaw Kennel - Jack Russell Terriers

Kelly & Erle Seybold

Ayr, Nebraska 68925                         

  [email protected]

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For More Information Contact:

Outlaw Kennel Jack Russell Terriers
10550 S Crystal Lake Ave.
Ayr, Nebraska 68925
Home Outlaw Kennel News Read Before You Buy Life With a Jack Tamin' Those Critters Outlaw's Most Wanted Contents Other Stories Jack Russell the Breed


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